<aside> 💡 This feature is in early-stage! Contact us at hello@naas.ai if you wish to use it.



Create callback URL

url, uuid = naas.callback.add()

Without self destroy

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(auto_delete=False)

With custom response

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(response={"toto": "tata"})

With custom response headers

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(response_headers={"toto": "tata"})

With default result

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(default_result={"toto": "tata"})

Disable override response

If URL is called multiple time, only the first response will be kept

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(no_override=True)

For specifics user \(Admin\)

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(user="bob@cashstory.com")

Force UUID \(Admin\)

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(user="bob@cashstory.com", uuid="test")