Club Rules

Clubhouse Roles

Administrators 👥

Club Founder / Admins - The top level. These users can change the club description, rules, and club icon. They can also remove / delete members, and open both public and private rooms hosted by the club.

Conversations in Clubhouse take place in rooms. Within each room, you can be a moderator*,* a speaker, or a listener*.* Below are some of the best practices for moderators.

Moderator 🗣️

When you start a room in Clubhouse, you are the moderator. This means you are a speaker with the ability to add or remove other speakers. As a moderator, you guide the conversation and have a strong influence on the content and style of conversation in the room.

In Clubhouse, the best moderators tend to:

🔥 Contact us about hosting and moderating specific Café Bitcoin rooms.

Café Bitcoin Moderation Guidelines 👋