Just a heads up, I won't be giving away as much info on this one. Just know that I have been thinking about algorithmic trading using high-signal sentiment data for nearly a decade – and I am finally starting to enact my plans. Depending on a host of factors, this could be a priority sooner or later this year. It makes this list as it takes a non-zero portion of my time. A basic implementation of Caesar has been built and runs on a paper-trading account.

Versions of Caesar will include fully-automated trades, opportunity alerts, and manual short-term options plays.

In the future I will keep track some metrics publicly on https://caesar.trading


  1. Build 100% proprietary datasets.

  2. Start a unique investment fund that does not care what the market does.

The system is called Caesar because its job in life to give live or die signals.



Logomark is a hi-res ASCII drawing of CAESAR, made of thousands of individual characters (varying in amount based on size!)