AINO, media artist, enjoys researching the universally valid relationship between various human emotions and senses and creating based on the system. For universality, he builds a system of rules of emotion-sensory relationship from objective materials used in cognitive science. The works are created under thoroughly objective rules and algorithms, nevertheless it dramatically stimulate emotions, the most subjective attribute of human beings. The paradoxical attempt to interpret and reproduce emotion, offers an interesting views on emotions and sensations. In the master's course in Arts & Technology, he studied the differences between human emotional responses to single sensory stimuli and multisensory stimuli.

🦁 Personal information

🌏 Seoul, South Korea

🎂 1992.08.16

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⭐ @ainothatsky

🗝️ Keywords

Emotion / Crossmodal / Multisensory / Artificial Intelligence / Media Art / User Experience

🖼️ Artworks

<Tangible Emotion 0>, Virual Reality & Installation, 2021

<Sensory Exploration of Depression>, Artificial Intelligence & Multisensory, 2021

<Artificial Nature>, Artificial Intelligence, 2021

<Gift Spirit> Collection, Artificial Intelligence & Non-Fungible Token, 2021

<Beyond the Kosmos>, Artificial Intelligence, 2021

<Tangible Emotion I>, Virual Reality & Installation, 2020