During my sophomore year of high school, I took a dual enrollment course through Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) titled CS331: Data Structures and Algorithms. Throughtout this course, I completed 11 labs. I earned every possible point for each lab and final project, an accomplishment of which I am very proud.

This course delved into data structures and algorithms in Python, and each lab reviewed a different concept:

  1. Basic Python
  2. N-grams
  3. Search and sort
  4. Array-Backed Lists
  5. Doubly Linked List
  6. Stacks and Queues
  7. Hashtables
  8. Heaps
  9. BS-trees with History Using Immutability
  10. AVL Trees
  11. Quick Sort

Additionally, we completed a project in which we implemented a radix sort algorithm from scratch.

I learned a lot about computer science theory and practice from this course. I am now a more confident and proficient programming because I now have a more in-depth understanding of both common and advanced data structures and algorithms, in addition to having a stronger command of Python.

All of the code I wrote for this course is available on my GitHub at https://github.com/chroline/cs331-s21-cgawin.