<aside> 💡 This page documents the tools currently in use across Crypto Sapiens. ❓Ask a Core member or WG Lead for permission & credentials to tooling accounts **🔧 How to Guide: Tools available to BanklessDAO members 🏴** 📼 VIDEO: Bankless DAO Tooling: “How-To” Video Tutorials Playlist


📁 Directories (List of Lists)

🍩 Design

Design Tooling List

Design (workgroup)

Design Workflows

📢 Episode Publishing

  1. Audio Episodes
    1. Podbean
    2. **📼** VIDEO: Publishing a Podcast Episode (Podbean) (5min)
  2. Automated Distribution
    1. Website, Apple, Spotify, Google, ListenNotes
    2. Distribution Platforms
  3. Video
    1. YouTube Channel for Crypto Sapiens
    2. Odyssey (account not created)

📽️ Live Streaming/Recording