Three contributors; each serves a primary function but all must have basic user research and graphic/visual design skills. All contributors must be proficient with spreadsheets, presentations, Miro whiteboards, UX/UI design (Figma), and web design (e.g. WebFlow) demonstrated through a portfolio of past projects.

Financial Implications

4 hours per day @ 1000 BANK/hour (4000 BANK/contributor/day)

5 days totaling 20 hours per contributor (20000 BANK/contributor total)

x3 contributors

= 60,000 BANK for contributors

+5000 BANK for tipping test users

= 65,000 BANK total request


<aside> 💡 Watch this 90 second explanation


Resources for Potential Contributors

  1. DeepWork HyperSprint
    1. HyperSprint Announcement/Explainer Blog Article
  2. Example Miro Whiteboard for a GV Design Sprint
  3. Jake Knapp Remote Design Sprint Cheat Sheet