That is the fact that our approach to shopping reduces the probability of getting infected by the virus, but how? Well, let's just go through the procedure of the usual purchase at the shop with the Paske contactless buying system.

The main point of the system under consideration is that it is “contactless” that means not a single person, except for a shop employee, collects the goods and packs them in a bag. Following this scheme results in a great reduction of the risk of contracting the virus cells. Moreover, our “contactless” principle (the buyer’s lack of physical contact with the goods) greatly reduces the chances of theft in the trading hall, which helps to cut the costs (according to NRSS (National Retail Security Survey) results, on the ground of theft retail stores lose about 1.5% of their trade. Furthemore, with reference to the cost reduction, it must be mentioned that it is unnecessary to spend funds on the disinfectants and start the process of the full disinfection.

With Paske contactless shopping system your shop would transform into an example of a modern advanced shopping platform with a number of new technological solutions and a wide variety of opportunities for buyers.