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Mission Oxygen started out as a crowdfunding campaign to source 500 Oxygen Concentrators on Friday, 23rd April, 2021. We were possibly one of the first to setup a large scale campaign to get contributions to source donations, to get supply of oxygen concentrators for hospitals. As on date (4 May, 2021) we have raised over INR 30 Crores (~USD 4 million) and have placed orders for 6000 Oxygen concentrators. As the need for Mission Oxygen is far bigger than our team and the work we are doing, we are sharing a playbook that we hope helps others to replicate or improve upon what we have done and help India achieve its ultimate goal of defeating this COVID wave.

Disclaimer: This playbook will remain a work in progress as things are changing dynamically everyday. We will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

There are 5 basic things one needs to focus on -

  1. Fundraising and PR
  2. Supply
    1. Finding a Manufacturer
    2. Identifying genuine vs fake sources
    3. Reviewing regulatory documentation
  3. Logistics
    1. Making sure manufacturer has all the necessary paperwork
    2. Identifying closest port of discharge
    3. Working with local Freight forwarders vs Logistics companies
    4. PAN india logistics once shipments arrive
    5. Customs clearances
  4. Demand
    1. Hospital list and requirements
  5. Legal and Regulatory
    1. Indemnity waiver
    2. List of hospitals which have received devices for reverse pickup if required