Aspiring Software Engineer who’s passionate about high-impact tech solutions that yield proven results. I have a good background in developing business web solutions. I also have an active interest in digital marketing and business analytics.

I can develop web solutions for businesses that help them grow. I can, as well, implement business analytics models that help companies track their progress efficiently and effectively. Being An Ex-Lecturer Assistant with 3+ years of experience at the GUC, specializing in research technologies for academic studies, has provided me with a huge advantage in learning as well as teaching tech. My past teaching expertise comprises optics, modern physics, and electronics engineering with a specialty in photonics/optics physics and computational tools. I can implement different instructional paradigms and oversee the application of convenient pedagogical techniques for scientific educational tracks. My greatest strength lies in my professional agility and scientific curiosity which enhances my productive outcome and market value.

In the next phase of my Life, I am looking for an employment opportunity in a reputable software company that enriches my engineering and project management skills as well as my business acumen. I would prefer to deepen my knowledge out of the generalist scope into a more specialized engineering environment for my career to grow.

**Beshoy Sabri** is a self-taught writer & poet, junior software engineer, & app developer, an ex-lecturer assistant at the German University in Cairo, self-educated in many aspects of programming, design & development, tech geek, philosophy, and literature nerd. He has finished his M.Sc. studies in Electronics Engineering at The German University in Cairo, and couple of different online courses.

Proficient in many aspects of scientific disciplines, software & electronics engineering. In constant contact with all what is new in the fields of physics, mathematics, C.S., and electronics with a passion for coding languages and a great command of office / graphics computer software. Agile organizer & solid deliverer under tight deadlines. An aspiring poet and a psychology / philosophy geek. I love learning and re-applying my experience in my daily Life.

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