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What if you owned the original artwork of a revolutionary emoji? πŸ‘€

We can't deny it, emojis had a massive impact on internet culture. They changed the way we communicate, and today we use them almost naturally, without thinking about them. They convey our moods, they add tones to our messages, they get used in original ways (these days GenZ express laughter with the chair emoji πŸͺ‘ on TikTok.. And I'm not even lying β†— πŸ’€)

Emojis are clearly a part of contemporary culture, and my work is part of the decentralization movement happening, like a decentralized Unicode. A revolution is happening, imagine owning a part of the internet revolution!? πŸ‘€ (wait I think the words are too big lol)

But seriously, and in more concrete terms, I'm creating emojis for Africa. Emojis are mostly used by young people, and 60% of the continent's population is under 25. And the 15-24 are ~258 millions. If things go well for Zouzoukwa, at least 30% of them are going to use the emojis, get involved in the project . I can't quantify the cultural potential, but I think it's HUGE. And can be an event in the world's Art History. Zouzoukwa is Africa writing her own story.


The $ZZK tokens

I will release all the 365 Original emojis created in 2018 as 1/1 NFTs on Foundation. They will be manually minted by me, and the sales are going to help pay the gas fees of the next mints. I created a collection for the project, so the Token ID of each NFT will correspond to the emoji number.

The NFTs will be sold as auctions, with a reserve price depending on their popularity.

Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 8.29.17 AM.png

NFTs Price

The emojis will be listed at a price depending on their popularity based on instagram interactions with the post divided the number of followers, multiplied by 5.