You can purchase BTC on Midas.Investments platform via bank transfers and credit cards.

We have partnered up with Transak, the fiat-crypto gateway provider. It will provide full KYC and AML services for purchase, keeping it away from Midas.

As a start, we have implemented the smallest fees on purchase - 0.1%. You will still have to pay fees for the provider + 1-2% price slippage. It is the first step of bounding fiat with crypto-passive income in Midas ecosystem.

After purchasing BTC you can transfer it to any of your wallets and Midas investment instruments. If you will like this feature, we will expand it to every other BTC investment instrument on the platform, including interest rates and YAPs.

The BTC purchase button located on the BTC Balance page. You will have to pass KYC, but it takes only a few minutes and Midas does not store any data.