<aside> 💡 Our goal was to create a service for business registration and to open bank account online by electronic signature



Business context

The web version had already existed. We had approximately 1000 customer per month. And to improve user experience stakeholders decided to create a single iOS application for business registration, open bank account, and electronic signature.

Design challange

We have 2 months on design. And the goal was not only repacked mobile version into the app. The goal was to decompose existed CJM and design new.

Key Metric

The key metric was bounce rate. In web version bounce rate was approximately 60%. Our goal was to decrease this metric.

My role

I invited into the projects after the web version launched. My responsibility was prototyping, design and user testing.

Design workflow

I started with research and interview with our customers. I communicate with our support service to find soft spot in our service. After research I created CJM.