Full time Salary: £40-60K Includes stock options

The role and the work

Why we're hiring for this role We are hiring a Business Operations Manager to manage and automate day-to-day business ops and lead on operational work related to international expansion. This will work towards the team goal of ensuring Spill has best-in-class scalable operations that support our growth targets.

You will have holistic ownership of Spill's business operations. This includes everything from managing our burn rate to ensuring we have accurate data on how much we invoice our customers every month. You will be building internal systems, working with third parties and championing the processes required to help Spill grow.

As well as managing and automating existing business operations you will design and lead on any new operational work to support Spill's international expansion.

You will work with other teams at Spill, with external contractors, on your own, and with our Counsellor Operations Manager to get the work done.

Some examples of work projects would be (i) building and managing a cashflow reporting system (ii) automating client invoicing to reduce people time spent on this task every month (iii) navigating US health tech regulation to hire a therapist in California.

The ideal candidate

We care about experience, traits, and attitude. We also care about diversity — we want to receive applications from as wide a range of people as possible.



Traits and attitude