<aside> 🎯 tl;dr: Early-stage edtech startup seeking a full-time, remote Business Operations Lead.


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🕵️ Key details

⚡ About Sparkwise

Our mission is to make the best learning accessible to all professionals. We want to help unlock the full potential of people and organizations everywhere.

The Future of Work is getting more and more complex. Skill gaps are widening, but today’s learning solutions fall short. Scalable software, such as click-click eLearning, is too ineffective. 90%+ of $350B workforce training still relies on live instruction by costly experts.

**Sparkwise automates live interactive training with a multiplayer learning platform:** professionals build skills by solving challenges live in small groups—guided by technology, not by a live instructor. ****We see 85% completion (vs. <15% of traditional eLearning), and 90%+ learners say Sparkwise is both highly engaging and applicable to their day-to-day.

We are proven operators from McKinsey, Minerva, and multiple startups, and we are backed top VCs and angels.

👋 Where you come in

We’re growing rapidly. Our core operations are getting increasingly complex and time-consuming for the founders to lead, alongside all other parts of the business.

We'd love to welcome an all-around teammate who’s excited to take the wheel on critical business operations, with opportunities to dive into many other parts of the business.

Could that be you? 😎

💥 What you’ll do