A complete Notion bundle to walk you through the main community operations stages: Onboarding, Engaging, Growing and Supporting members. Use this bundle to map and grow your community! Actionable Notion Templates that you can plug and play with your community data.

1. Onboard with the Onboarding Worksheet

Burb 30 minute Onboarding Worksheet.jpg

A 3-step onboarding flow for new community members in only half an hour using five simple prompts. You can use this worksheet for ALL new community members, or when you’re thinking about onboarding current members into a new program, cohort, or space.

2. Engage with the Community Engagement Template

Burb Community Engagement Notion Template.jpg

This template will walk you through the steps to create your community engagement plan. A guide to help you to come up with a community engagement strategy and objectives, and simplifies planning the important messages you send to your community members.

Within the template, you will find a guide under each step.

3. Grow with the Community Flywheel Worksheet

Community Flywheel Worksheet.jpg

This worksheet will help you understand the anatomy of a flywheel, and support you in creating a few flywheels to test.

4. Support with the Accountability Group Playbook

Burb Accountability Group Playbook.jpg

Use this playbook to learn how to launch a run a program for your members. This playbook will cover best practices, offer up templates, and share the best tools to use to make sure people are engaged and successful.