Bulk entry actions are a great way to make quick work of your scheduling tasks. Keyboard shortcuts are an important aspect of working with bulk entries efficiently and we have a separate guide cover them.

Selecting Multiple Entries

To select only some of the entries on the schedule, hold shift and click on the entries you'd like to select. If you'd like to select all visible entries, you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + A on macOS or Ctrl + A on Windows.

On touch devices, tap the "Select" button at the top of the app. This will enable a multi-select mode where you can tap on the entries you'd like to add or remove from the selection. Tap "Cancel" to deselect all.

Selected entries will have a blue border to indicate their status as selected.

Bulk Actions ToolBar


Once you've selected entries, the bulk actions toolbar will be shown across the bottom of the screen. The number of entries selected will be shown as well as buttons for creating a template, copying entries, moving entries, rolling over unused time, setting a project, setting labels, completing entries, and deleting entires. Clicking the on the right side of the toolbar or using the ESC key will deselect the entries and close the bulk actions toolbar.

Hovering over each button will reveal a tooltip describing the bulk action it provides.

Create a Template

Templates are a great way to speed up your workflow when creating common entries. Select the entries, set a name for the template, and then you can apply this template to any dates in the future to quickly generate duplicates of those entries. More details are available in the working with templates guide.

Copy Entries

Select "Copy" from the bulk actions toolbar and pick the date you would like to copy the entries to. Copied entries will have the logged time reset to zero. If you are copying entries from multiple days, then select the paste method:

Move Entries

Select "Move" from the bulk actions toolbar and pick the date you would like to move the selected entries to. All entries will be moved to the same date and added to the bottom of the entry list in the order that they appear in the calendar.

Rollover Entries

To rollover unused time from entries, select "Rollover" from the bulk actions toolbar and pick the date you'd like to roll the entries over to. This should be a future date since you won't be able to run timers on a past date to ensure reporting is accurate. This is similar to copying entries, but it will also reduce the scheduled time to account for any time logged on the original entry.

Set a Project