Image Description: Rectangular image of a painted Canadian flag, with four vertical colour bands of dripping paint, starting on the left with a black stripe, then white stripe, yellow stripe, red stripe. A red maple red is centred spanning the white and yellow stripes. Beneath the paints drips, and distressed scuffs, reveal the grey base colour. In black text on the lower left corner reads "Luminato X CHIPPEWARr"

About Built on Genocide

Built on Genocide is a large-scale installation by multidisciplinary artist Jay Soule | CHIPPEWAR, reflecting the events and policies throughout Canada's history that have deliberately undermined and destroyed Indigenous livelihood. The work is influenced by the mass genocide of the buffalo as a result of the colonial railway expansion. The buffalo decimation is an underacknowledged but foundational aspect of “Canadian” history, with consequences that persist today. Built on Genocide will address the direct correlation between the genocide of the buffalo and the genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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Content Information: Plot details will be revealed. (Spoiler Alert!!)

Artists and Collaborators

Public Art Installation at Harbourfront Centre by Jay Soule | CHIPPEWAR


Thank you

Built on Genocide is presented by the City of Toronto as part of ArtworxTO: Toronto's Year of Public Art 2021–2022. Generously supported by Larry and Judy Tanenbaum and Family, with generous assistance from ANDPVA and Partners In Art.