Follow the quests in order to kickstart your development journey on the world's fastest blockchain!

Before you proceed, you need basic understanding of any programming language like Javascript or Rust. All the other bases on how to develop advanced applications leveraging Solana will be covered as you follow along the quests.

  1. 🥇 Create an airdrop program with Solana web3.js
  2. 🎰 Create a roulette game in Solana
  3. 🧮 Create a calculator using rust programs
  4. 💰 Create your personal cryptocurrency using Solana CLI
  5. 🤖 Create an NFT candy machine
  6. 👾 Create your Pokemon NFT minting website
  7. 🪙 Create your personal cryptocurrency with Javascript
  8. 🤳 Build a messaging app using Solana smart contracts in Rust
  9. 📭 Create your personal Solana wallet
  10. 💷 Create your personal cryptocurrency with rust smart contracts