Summer 2021 / Neelkanth Website / User Experience Design

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Neelkanth Safe Deposit

My Role

User Experience Design


Summer 2021

10 weeks


How might we redesign the NSD website to be a more modern, self-service platform that is fully customer-centric?


Neelkanth Safe Deposit is one of the UK's leading Safety deposit locker companies whose mission is to be the safest place for valuables and provide peace of mind to their customers.

As a rapidly growing company that entered a new phase in their business journey, Neelkanth needed a new website that would better represent who they are and what they offer, and also function as a hub for their lead generation activities. They tasked us with creating a website that would be tailored to their users by stepping away from a product-centric approach and embracing the customer-centric one.

We simplified the information architecture & navigation flow so that their customers can browse the website without getting lost. This is critical first step because if your customer thinks your site is difficult to understand and work with, they will assume your company is as well.