Airtable's Table layout not only makes the managing of large lists of contacts easy but it also comes with a variety of custom Blocks that can be customized to automate the collection of user data off of social media websites.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Airtable's Web Clipper Block to easily extract information about a prospect from the web page and store it in Airtable. This will enable to quickly and opportunistically capture data about your contacts as you scan their LinkedIns, and save their information so that you may easily return later.

Base Setup

  1. Start with a template

  2. Choose the Sales CRM

Preparing the Base for LinkedIn Clipping

Before setting up the clipper, let's add fields where the information we extract from a web page will be stored.

  1. Add LinkedIn Fields to capture what information we'll need in the clipper

  2. Create LinkedIn View to more easily display new fields

Install Chrome Extension

  1. Navigate to this link:
  2. Make sure that it's pinned to Chrome as you'll need to access this later

Setting up the custom Block

  1. Click "Blocks" button (upper right corner) and add a new Dashboard to keep things clean

  1. We'll name this dashboard Web Clippers, click "Install Blocks", and search for "Web Clippers"