The beauty of Notion is that you can also use it to set up and run your business - even if it's not a business about Notion. Here are a few ways Notions users are relying on the platform to set up shop and start generating income.

Creating a landing page

You can use Notion to quickly create simple, beautiful webpages for your business. Set up the page in your workspace and share it publicly with one click so that anyone can view the page. Updates are instant, and editing couldn't be easier.

As one example, Notion Pro Temirlan Nugmanov built the site for his consulting agency Optemization this way.

Some tips:

Putting together a proposal

If you're a freelancer or consultant, set up a template for your own proposals to send out to clients. Here's an example of a contracting proposal from Yash Bhardwaj.

Some tips:

Creating an invoice

Create your own invoice template directly inside your workspace. Here's an example of an invoice from graphic designer Nazzareno Giannelli.

Some tips:

We'd love to see more creative ways you're using Notion to generate business! Send us a message with links and examples.