#SaveTheToads x Ukraine DAO

The founder of #SaveTheToads, Mike Bruggink, reached out to us in April 2022, looking for help with getting gear for his Ukrainian friends. Mike is a former US army soldier, a world traveler, actor, filmmaker and psychopharmacological researcher. He’s now joined Ukraine DAO and is onboarding as a contributor ✨

Request for Help

Please read his story below and contact him by email if you can help - mike.bruggink@gmail.com, Instagram or Twitter.

“Hi, my name is Mike Bruggink, I was in Ukraine right before the pandemic, filming a documentary about Ukrainian scientific discoveries at the Kyiv institute of Gerontology. While I was there I met some amazing people and have kept in touch with them over the last couple years. My friend Nikita is among the amazing Ukrainians I met in 2020. He is currently in the country and he posted about needing body armor for himself and his countrymen. As I understand it, donations can only be made by the DAO to highly vetted NGO's and he's just a regular person like you and me. If anyone has the ability to help out, I'm sure he'd be eternally grateful. His IG is nikita_netrebko and mine is mike.1.61803 I'm also an ex soldier and I know first hand what it's like to be in a war without the gear you need. It's a horrible feeling and I know body armor isn't a guarantee of safety, but it makes a big difference. I appreciate any assistance from the bottom of my heart.”

More about Mike Bruggink

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Our entire endeavor (BUFO NFT) is to save the Bufo Alvarius toad aka the Sonoran Desert Toad from harm caused by humans. If you’re reading these words and you love animals, then maybe you believe it’s our duty to ensure the Sonoran Desert Toad continues to exist on this planet. If that indeed is the case, you’re invited to join us on this important mission to Save the Toads.

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