Amsterdam, The Netherlands — May 7th 2020

Hidde van der Ploeg today released Brush 1.0 for Apple Watch®.

Brush, a $0.99 / €1,09 app that helps you keep track of your toothbrushing sessions directly from your wrist to Apple's Health app with ease. The design of this app focuses on doing one thing well, timing your toothbrushing.

While the toothbrushing category got introduced in 2019, there are still not many apps that do support and champion for a healthy toothbrushing habit. With Brush tracking is made more accessible and will give you insights on your toothbrushing habits. Being for watchOS only makes it really lightweight and always nearby.

Hidde van der Ploeg is a freelance product designer that focuses on building small and efficient apps. Earlier, he made Vekt, a fast and straightforward weight tracking app for iOS and watchOS. With Brush, he wants to expend the simple health app line by supporting the Toothbrushing category.

In short:

A watchOS only app that helps you time your toothbrushing sessions and saves them inside the Health app.