This space lists helpful information on how our server works in an easily readable space, compared to the in-game guide. There is additional information that is present here that is not available in the in-game guide.


You can also access this guide in-game using /menu

Getting Started

Brungia is an all new survival experience, there are many features that you can use to your advantage and perks that you can purchase using in-game coins (more of this talked about in the Economy guide.)

As a new player, you are prompted with the quest "Arrival at Vinnsville" You should complete this quest as it is basically a tutorial quest, showing you the basics of some of the various elements the server offers.


Factions (OUTDATED)

Factions is the new Lands. Any person can create a faction and configure it to their liking, allowing members of the faction to set faction homes (which members can teleport to) and claim land using C.C points.

The land extends from bedrock to the world height limit meaning that all blocks in claimed land will BELONG to the faction, outsiders will NOT be able to access items unless configured so by the Faction admin.

To open the factions menu in-game, either use /menu or /f

How it works