Hey! I'm Brian Nichols 👋

I'm an experienced founder | operator | investor.

My superpower is connecting you with the right people to get you there faster 💥




Experienced early-stage operator & investor


Started two businesses right after getting my Master’s from USC— DateSimply (R.I.P.) and I learned the hard way through DateSimply that some acquisition offers should be accepted. I took that lesson to heart and after distributing 1M+ RewardTag units, sold it to one of our clients.


Ran the CA Markets for Lyft starting in 2014 which accounted for 50% of all Lyft rides at the time. Helped launch and scale local teams nationally as Lyft grew from 250 to 2500 employees. I left in 2017 to work on the future of autonomous transportation at Zoox and later took a five-person team from Seed through its Series A and eventual acquisition at BlackBird.