By Kenn So

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About me

I'm an early stage venture investor at Shasta Ventures that loves to take long walks.

I am sort of an oddball when I decided to recruit for VC a few years ago - a foreigner without a network. I'm fortunate to be where I am today so I'm writing the book I wish I had when I was recruiting for VC - lessons and tactics for those without the network and background.

If you have any feedback, please reach out to Would love to hear what you think.

If you're interested in reading the sequel and updates, I'm starting a monthly Substack publication where I write about the craft of early stage venture. I also write on Medium about spaces I'm interested in and on my personal site for other thoughts.


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Before reading this book

What this book is about

This book is focused on getting you prepared to recruit for an analyst or associate role in early-stage venture capital (VC) - especially for those who don't have the network and don't know how to start. A lot has been written about the 'what' of venture. This book hopes to fill the 'how' and a bit of 'why'. How to research venture funds, write an investment thesis, and so on. Why venture capital is a good fit, or not, for you. There are detailed case studies on what it is like to be a venture capitalist. But these are written from an investment partner's perspective, not a junior's.

There's a discussion of whether junior VCs should even have the mindset that there are ranks. An investor is an investor, regardless of title or rank. That's the right mindset when you are already in the industry. But it isn't easy to have that mindset when you are just learning about and trying to break into the industry - whom this book is for.

This is geared towards the San Francisco Bay Area venture scene, which tends to focus less on technical questions about deal terms and finance concepts during interviews.

What this book is not about

I always like to preface with what my work is not about to save you time (and help me focus):

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