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We're excited to partner with you and make GetYourRefund available to your community! Here are some tips on how your organization can create messaging and content to introduce your GetYourRefund program.

Your work in providing free tax preparation is especially important now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when people need to file their taxes so they can receive their Economic Impact Payment (stimulus cash), the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and other tax credits.

Table of Contents

Outreach Goals

Encourage non-filers in the U.S. to file taxes with GetYourRefund, including those in the Earned Income Tax Credit gap and as many of the 12 million U.S. non-filers in need of stimulus cash (Economic Impact Payment) as we can.

Ease the burden, hardships, and existential fears people experience around tax filing, addressing its systemic barriers—with powerful, inclusive, and heartfelt storytelling. Highlight the importance of equitable access to flexible cash available through the tax code as a people-first imperative.

Create a culture around tax filing and simplifying the tax process at scale with increased awareness. Highlight partnerships that made the work possible, and bring more partners into this important work.


Who Should Receive Outreach

US nonfilers, especially those in the EITC and EIP gaps. These are likely to be SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid recipients, in particular those who are: