App Name

After another meeting with my group we decided that we needed a good brand for our educational hybrid app, one that fitted our voice and tone well and suited what we where going for. First we looked at what we where gonna call our app, we looked at many different words that associated with education.

After looking at all of these we decided to see what educate was in different languages and after putting educate into google translate we found that educate in latin is educare. We both thought that this was a great name for our project as it has the word care in it and thats one of the ideas we want to get across with our app.

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 09.25.34.png

Word Marque & Logo

We then decided that we would create a word marque to go with our brand. As I have said our chosen name is educare which is in white text on a green background as we decided it would be our main colours. We also decided to play around with what the E in educare looks like to give it a different look that makes it stand out more.


option 5.png

option 1.png

option 4.png

option 2.png

option 3.png

option 6.png

Final word marque

This is the final word marque that we decided too use, this is due to the E being designed as an abstract representation of an old style rotary phone. As one of our main features is video and voice chatting between teachers and their classes. We also discovered when looking at the E it resembles books stacked up in a pile.

option 5.png





Top Brand Slogans & How to Create One

We then decided that our brand needed a tagline, which made it clear what our application offers.