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We are building a new, decentralized world every day through our people, our protocols, and our philosophy. Whether you’re an onboarding contributor or a veteran Decent Human, use this hub to familiarize yourself with the Decent brand.

Below, you will begin your journey by learning the basic principles that guide Decent, understand how to put them to use, and access the resources you need to begin contributing to our vision.

[ Brand Basics ]

Introduce yourself to foundational building blocks of Decent.

Brand Foundation

Builder Personas

Brand Architecture (WIP)

[ Brand Strategy ]

Put the brand to action and understand who we are speaking to.

Audience Segmentation

Competitor Database


Brand Touchpoints

[ Brand Guidelines ]

Learn about the rules to our visual and written communication systems.

Creative Philosophy


Brand Voice & Tone

Messaging Pillars

Content Style Guide

[ Brand Assets ]

Download assets and resources to start making your mark on Decent.

Brand Assets