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It’s the sad reality that, when sending money abroad, you’re likely losing a lot to banks and other hungry corporations charging exorbitant and obscure fees. At Monito, we know this feeling all too well. That’s why we’ve spent years independently comparing and reviewing transfer services across the globe. Using our savvy tool, take control, escape hidden fees and find the best way to send money abroad by saving time and money.

Monito's Mission

Monito's mission is to help people sending money abroad save $28 billion per year in unfair and hidden fees.

Why it matters

Remittances are key to reach some of the Sustainable Goals for Development, as established by the United Nations. Lowering their cost would reduce global inequality, hunger and poverty and improve access to good healthcare, quality education and economic growth.

Source: IFAD

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Monito - Guiding your money across borders

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