A brand bible is a collection of artifacts that bring your brand stories to life. Without your artifacts, brand intent can be misinterpreted and misunderstood by both employees and customers.


The Challenge with Strategic Branding Efforts

The emphasis of strategic branding efforts has traditionally been company-centered, focusing almost exclusively on what the company has to say about itself. But, what are others saying about your company when you are not listening? What raw, unfiltered thoughts do they share with others? What dialogue are they having internally when they encounter your brand?

Regardless of what messaging you meticulously craft or what imagery you artfully produce, your brand is not what you say it is. Your brand is the story that the recipient is telling himself or herself about your company. And that story is different for everyone.

In this resource, I am sharing with you a framework that I have created called the “multi-dimensional brand”. Whether thinking through the creation of a new brand, or reimagining an existing brand, this framework helps me think beyond the words and images used to convey a brand story. It helps me see the brands that I work on through the eyes and hearts of others that have had experiences with it and approach my efforts in a more holistic (and realistic) manner.

I believe that when businesses craft their brand with a more holistic point of view, they:

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What is the Multi-Dimensional Brand?

<aside> ☝🏽 TLDR; A brand is the confluence of 4 stories. It starts with your verbal story and visual story. Then others add their own stories, attaching their experiences to it. To build a holistic brand, we think about all the stories