In your academic journey, you have to deal with multiple kinds of essays and they are unavoidable. Many students try to learn the skills to write a good essay but on their way to learning, they make mistakes that seem minor but they can ruin your whole essay. Errors are part of the human learning process but you should be able to recognize those errors to bring improvement.

Here are some of the worst essay mistakes that can make your essay look non-credible and messy.

Writing Summary Instead of Analysis

It is one of the most common and important mistakes that every student makes at some point. The purpose of writing an essay is to create an argument and then defend it with evidence just like an analytical essay. Instead of analyzing the text based on credible sources, students restate what is simply happening in the text.

Writing Introduction Without Hook

A good essay has a good introduction starting with a creative yet powerful hook that attracts the attention of the readers. Mostly, I don’t spend time on the introduction while I write my essay, and they prefer to simply state the summary which does not set a mode for further discussion in the essay. As a result, the readers lose attention at the start and it does not leave room for further essay.

Overlooking a Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement acts as the main support on which your whole essay relies. Readers often prefer to read the thesis statement and get the whole idea about the further development in the essay. But students find themselves stuck because they do not know how to write a thesis statement properly and so it comes out vaguer and more inappropriate. a less interesting essay always lacks a good statement.

Writing Clichés

You may use cliché in your daily writing such as the statement like “practice what you preach” but in the essay, they look less sophisticated and your essay lacks originality.  An essay should be based on your own analysis and you can be creative with it but adding more cliché can put your essay’s credibility at risk.

Overuse of quotes

The essay is more about your analysis and you can use sources as evidence to back up your stance. But it does not mean that you use quotes in every second line of the paragraph. If you will add more quotations, you’ll lose your grip and authority on your essay and the online essay writer also gives the same suggestion if you seek their help. So, it’s better if you use quotes to support your stance rather than blurring your voice in the essay.

Use of Non-Credible Sources

Today you can find multiple and diverse information on the internet which makes it difficult to differentiate between credible and non-credible knowledge. The biggest error in your essay is to rely on the blogs and the information that lacks research and is based on someone’s personal opinions. It affects the quality of your research as well.

Using Thesaurus Excessively

Imagine writing too many difficult words in one line which does make sense but only if you’ll open a dictionary while reading it. Students make this very common mistake to impress the readers and use words that are even unfamiliar to them. It drives your readers away because they do not find it convenient to read our text because they feel lost in the complexity of words.

Use of Generalized Statement

Are you aware of the sweeping statements? It means that you are applying a particular statement on all things. it’s just like making generalizations and you do not consider the facts and relevant research in detail. It makes your essay illogical based on emotional reasoning.


Copying someone else's work and submitting it to your teachers is a serious offense. Mostly, students forget to give credit to the writer and copy material from multiple websites. It makes your essay look non-credible and it lacks originality as readers do not prefer to read it. Even the online custom essay providers take care of the plagiarism percentage in an essay and try to provide a plagiarism-free essay. So remember, you cannot get away with plagiarism in your essay.