Corby Falls


Corby Falls is about an entangled bequest. A tale casually told around a restaurant table has unexpected and dire consequences.

The novel protagonist happens to work in the aerospace industry, and a secondary storyline is about the politics around it and around him.

Synopsis of Corby Falls

A Question of Return


A Question of Return is about a son’s promise to publish his father’s secret journal and his struggle to keep his promise, about the tragic last two years in the life of the Russian poet Marina Tsvetayeva and her terrible death in the small town of Yelabuga, about literary life under Stalin, about emigration, about artistic fame, about the toxic agents and effects of communism reaching its victims anywhere and anytime. It is also a love story.

Synopsis for A Question of Return



Robert's first novel, Continuums, was published in the fall of 2008. Intended at first as a fictional account of his flight from Romania and his half-year in Paris, it became in its long gestation the story of a woman mathematician trying to balance her career and her family. Cantor’s Continuum Hypothesis and a historic mathematical discovery left unheralded because of the start of WW2 are additional storylines.

Synopsis for Continuums