✨ Welcome to Boob Blurb! Let's get started:

General Instructions

It's time for the juiciest girl talk. Here's how to play Boob Blurb with the digital pack.

In a group of 2-8, take turns answering cards. You can print the cards from this set, or follow the instructions at the bottom to play this game digitally. It's helpful to have pens and paper handy.

Download the Cards 🤩:

The PDF has 27 cards. Print on high-quality paper and with coloured ink for the best aesthetic. Download here:

boob blurb cards.pdf

There are 3 types of cards:

❤️: you're the expert cards. Share your story, or the stories from people you know. You pull the card, you answer.

👐: open topic cards. Everyone in the group participates, discussing an open topic. You can involve google/youtube too. The purpose is to share knowledge and learn together. You pull the card, everyone answers.

🔥: wild cards. Get extra vulnerable; be ready to exit your comfort zone. You pull the card, things get spicy 🌶.


Digital Game Instructions: