1. Purpose and Introduction

By participating in the BOMBERLAND AI CHALLENGE ('Competition'), you agree to these Official Rules ('Rules').

These Rules are designed to ensure fair play and to preserve the integrity of the Competition.

The Competition is organized by CODER ONE PTY LTD, Level 8, 11 York St Sydney, Australia ('Us'/'We'/'Organizers').

All references to times and schedules are made in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

These Rules may be amended at anytime by the Organizers. Changes during will be announced on the Coder One Discord. Alternatively, see the change log at the end of this document.

2. Entry

Individuals will compete in Teams between one to five members.

Individuals can create a new team, join an existing team, or leave an existing team at any time before the relevant Entry Deadline (See Format) to qualify for Prize Awards.

An Entry refers to a public containerized image of an agent submitted on gocoder.one/submissions. Any team member may submit an Entry on behalf of their team.

Teams may make any number of Entries during the competition. The top-ranked Entry per team will be counted towards qualification for Prize Awards.

3. Format

Entries will be ranked on a Leaderboard by their Trueskill rating. Ratings are determined by batch round robin matches run each week.

Entries should be made by 11.59PM Fridays UTC (unless explicitly stated) to count towards the following week's Leaderboard update.

There will be two tournaments with Prizing:

  1. Mid-season tournament

Entry deadline: 28th January, 2022 11.59PM UTC

Qualifying teams: Top 4 on the Leaderboard

Tournament format: Single elimination (best of 5)