Learn about what makes the bobblz holder pass the ultimate token gating reward pass. Let’s dive a little deeper into what this might mean for holders now and into the future.

You might have heard about the bobby pass, at least that is what the community is calling it. Let’s answer some questions and discuss.

What is the main purpose of the holder pass?

The main purpose of the holder pass was and will continue to be, given to our holders to provide value. Those that believed in the project the most from the beginning, we are so thankful for you.

We looked at what was sold, and how many unique wallets were holders. There was a great percentage of those that held 3 or more. We chose to do something different than discount our mint in hopes of selling more mints - which would lower the floor price and the value of those that bought in the long run. We believed we could provide value for those holders, while also releasing more bobblz into circulation.

During our first holder pass airdrop, it allowed us to token gate users. Offering a limited time window for holders that held 3 or more in their wallet, to purchase at a discount.


This is bobby. His likes include rewarding bobblz holders, playing hide-and-go-seek, and groovin’ out - obviously!

What is token gating?

Token gating is a way of verifying a certain holder's wallet to ensure they hold a certain NFT asset. If they do, they receive access to a special area that others may not, if they do not hold said NFT. This can be used for many different benefits for bobblz holders in general. Access to discounted mints, access to merchandise only available for holders, and even access to IRL events!


Pictured above, the first bobblz holder pass was airdropped to holders that were eligible and determined from a snapshot taken at the end of the first ever mint supply cycle.

How will the bobblz pass help the community long term?

Coming into the next supply cycle, we will continue to offer more holder passes for every mint release. Think of these as POAP (proof of attendance protocol) NFTs that will token gate community holders for future access. It can be accessed in a number of ways. Holder pass recipients from the previous supply cycles, hold on to those 3 or more. Think of it as soft staking. Those holding (or “hodling” as known by many degens) show they believe in holding their assets for the long run, rather than scoop and dump - which can make for a very volatile marketplace with a low floor overall.

Can it be any 3, regardless of mint or marketplace?

Absolutely it can be. Let’s use these scenarios: You can get 3 bobblz in a mint supply cycle release if you are ready to jump right in. Not quite there yet? Scoop one from a mint cycle and hang out for a while and learn more about the project. Use this time and experience to decide if this is a community you might like to be a part of. Then sweep one or two low floor bobblz along the way maybe?

There are many ways to accumulate bobblz. Within regular supply cycles, separated by marketplace trading in between, we see there being many opportunities. Not only for new community members to gain their eligibility for the holder pass, but also to provide value for everyone else who might be looking to unload some bobblz through the marketplace. Our goal here is to have a healthy balance of holders, traders, and sellers.

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Couldn’t people look to game the system, buy 3 - get the pass, and then flip them all after getting the pass itself?

Sure they could, but we are continually monitoring to ensure this does not happen. The pass itself, holds most of its value with token gating during or around mint cycles. For instance, the 1st Quarter Supply Cycle 1/4 gave discounts to holders on a day just after the mint ended, and most of its immediate value was used there. Outside of that - we are going to use that pass once used as a token gate itself, a stepping stone rather, to act as your ticket to receive another token gated asset.

So what about the next bobblz holder pass for 1st Quarter Mint Supply Cycle 2?

We are excited to have new community members jump in as the entire project grows. Those new here, if you minted 3 over the course of this mint period - you are eligible for the new holders pass (we aren’t showing you what they look like until you see them show up in your collection on Monday). Those members who held 3 from a previous mint cycle or acquired from the marketplace in between, are also eligible for the new bobblz holder passes airdrop.