Boards layout shows issues in a Kanban-like view.

Enable board layout

We offer board layouts for single-team, cycle, and project views. We don't yet support board layout for multiple-team views or My Issues. As long as the board layout is available, you can toggle it on with the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl B. Alternatively, open View Options, Ordering & Grouping to select the board layout. If the option doesn't show up in View options, it's not available for that view. All teams have a default board view as well.

Updating issues

Board views share most of the same functionality as list views including filters, issue selection and the contextual menu. Use the mouse to manually move issues between columns. You can also move issues to new columns by updating their status, which will move the issue to the top of the list. We don't support priority sort for board views yet, only manual ordering with drag&drop.

Hiding columns

Hide columns (or workflow statuses) you don't need by selecting Hide from the column menu (three dots). Hidden columns will show up as the last column on your board. Drag issues into hidden columns without having to unhide them.

Selecting issues

Use the / arrows to jump columns and  /  to scroll through issues in a column. Unlike in lists, on boards you can only select issues within a single column (workflow status) to apply bulk changes. Read more about Selecting issues.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts

G then D to open team board

Cmd/Ctrl B to toggle board view in cycle or project views

Shift Option/Alt  /  to move an issue to the top or bottom of column