<aside> ✨ The following are the board members of the Fall '21 Rutgers Venture Capital Club.


🎩 Executive Board

Executive Board is in charge of decision-making, representing the club, and ensuring the success of each project in RUVC.

President: Rahul Nandakumar Vice President: Haanee Rhemtulla, Aishwarya Kanagala Treasurer: Anisha Lal Secretary: Sukhbir Ghotra

📈 Rutgers Venture Cup

The Rutgers Venture Cup is RUVC's flagship VC competition. Members are in charge of ensuring the education, retention, and satisfaction of competitors in the RVC.

Director: Anton Krotenok Coordinators: Anish Bajpai, Jonathan Miller, Sanchita Patwari, Aastha Kumar

🔭 Venture Analyst Program

The Venture Analyst Program is RUVC's partnership with RSV/P to oversee a $125k grant for Rutgers startups. Analysts will perform venture-level due diligence and develop recommendations for startups.

Director: Executive Board Analysts: Liqi Peng, Dhruv Chanekar, Rahul Jain

📚 Newsletter

The Scarlet Venture Newsletter is a monthly newsletter for founders, investors, and students. Writers will be in charge of developing an entry for the newsletter each month.

Editor-in-Chief: Executive Board Writers: Rahul Jain, Vivek Kasarla, Sanjana Pendharkar

✌ Outreach

The Outreach committee is in charge of expanding the RUVC Universal Network, a network of over 1,000 founders, investors, and students interested in VC at Rutgers and beyond.

Director: Ishan Solanki External Relations: Charles Rumberger, Philippe Jallow, Sadhan Nagireddi Internal Relations: Indira Jankiram

😁 Marketing

The Marketing committee is responsible for expanding RUVC's influence around Rutgers. The Events subcommittee is in charge of organizing and managing speaker events and panels during the semester.

Director: Siddhi Shah Social Media & Design Leads: Darshil Patel, Riddhi Shah, Jahnavi Sen, Varun Barti Events: Arihant Tripathi, Rishitha Annamaneni