YUR can pair with a variety of Heart Rate Monitors if you're looking to see your actual heart rate in VR. Read on to learn more about pairing. Also, note that now via the iOS and Android YUR.life app you can pair nearly any wearable or wellness device.

Note: All PCs require a Bluetooth dongle. Your Bluetooth heart rate monitor and dongle should support BLE, and finally, when your heart rate monitor is on, YUR will automatically pick it up. Install Windows build 1909 for BT issues.

Prepared By: Dilan Shah (Dilan#0931 on Discord)

What does it look like when my HR monitor is paired?



This is what YUR on PC will look like when you're properly sending heart rate data. The following list contains HRMs and Bluetooth dongles that work well with YUR.

On Quest

When paired on Quest the notification overlay will have a pink heart like so: 💗

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors Supported by YUR


H10 and H7 are confirmed devices that work.

Can I pair H10 with several devices? | Polar Global

You can pair H10 with more than one Bluetooth device, but usually, you can use it just one at a time.

However, with the Polar Beat app, you can turn the dual Bluetooth settings on, and then you can use H10 simultaneously with two devices, for example with compatible gym equipment and your Polar device, and see your live heart rate in both devices.

Here's how to do it in Beat:


  1. Go to Settings > HR sensor.
  2. Wear and pair the H10 heart rate sensor (version 2.1.9 or newer).
  3. Toggle 2 receiving BLE devices on.