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ecosearch is the first sustainability search engine for companies.

We grew from a desire to make sustainable impact measurable and to give everyone the ability to make educated decisions.

Do you remember the last time you bought a laptop, a bike, a pair of sneakers or literally anything that cost more than $20. Chances are, that you used your powers provided to you by the internet, to check and compare prices! AS YOU SHOULD! I mean how else are you going to tell your partner or friends how much money you "saved" with this "incredible SALE offer"?

Now imagine the same situation except all the prices..... are gone! You still have to pay, you just don't know how much. Was it a good deal or a bad one? Are you consuming your money sustainably or are you burning through the finite resources of your wallet. And worst of all: How are you supposed to do your taxes? (You see where we're going right?) This nightmare becomes reality once you start basing your purchasing decisions on sustainability. (or at least try to) Especially in the corporate world, sustainable sourcing becomes more important by the day and so everyone ends up asking the same question:

How sustainable is Company X?

That is why we are creating ecosearch. To give you the answer that Google couldn't! (Unless you're using Google to find ecosearch of course... in that case: Here you go!)

If you want to read more about our process and our team, check out our founding story!


Finding out about a company's sustainability performance should be as easy as finding out tomorrows weather! (and hopefully more reliable)

Just type in the company's name and #ecosearchit

You want to try? Enter your first ecosearch here!

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