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Rearc Data Platform: Simplify Publishing Your Data Products to AWS Data Exchange

date: 2021-07-01T11:13:32-04:00

description: "Simplify publishing and maintaining complex data products on the AWS Data Exchange with the Rearc data platform. The platform provides data engineers with a way to publishing data products that abstracts rate limiting, data validation, revision chunking, and more. Best of all, your data never leaves your AWS account. "

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title: "Rearc Data Platform: Simplify Publishing Your Data Products to AWS Data Exchange"


This is an exciting time for the data space. Although data streams and data providers have been a fixture in fields such as finance and GIS for decades, the data provider landscape has traditionally been fragmented across individual organizations and use-case specific portals.

This is now changing: The advent of data marketplaces has democratized the field. AWS Data Exchange (ADX) is one of the primary marketplaces leading the charge. With ADX, anyone with valuable data can become a provider overnight. ADX also democratizes the discovery and consumption of data for data scientists and data engineers - all kinds of data is a search away, and subscribing to a dataset no longer necessitates contacting a provider directly for onboarding.

At Rearc, we believe this new model will transform the entire data space - and we're not alone. Data Providers of all scales, including well established organizations like FourSquare and Dun & Bradstreet, are adopting the AWS Data Exchange for their data products. This is an industry-wide shift that is happening fast.

Most of us have been through industry shifts in the past, and they have taught us that a new paradigm brings with it a new set of challenges. Rearc is a data provider with over 400 data products on the AWS Data Exchange, so we've become experts at identifying and solving these issues in our own data products.