You have set up your startup and brought together a team of awesome people to work with–now let’s look at how you can give your productivity a nitro boost 🚀

One of the simplest and often overlooked methods that can help get everyone in your team up and running at the start of the day is having standup sessions.

<aside> 💡 Interestingly enough, the concept of a daily standup traveled to Silicon Valley through retired Lieutenant General William G. Pagonis who used it as a part of his military strategy in the First Gulf War.


What It Is

A standup is a short, 15 to 20-minute daily huddle session to pump everyone into action at the start of the day. It involves everyone sharing their progress from the previous workday and plans for the current one.

In a nutshell, it’s a quick recap of the daily goals you were able to achieve, what you are planning to do in the current workday, and if there are any hurdles or blockers you need to overcome.

Whether your team is remote or not, a standup can help you all start your day together as a group.

For those who are unable to attend physically (or virtually) at the given time, there are innovative ways to incorporate collaboration tools into your routine.

How It Can Be Automated

Stand 1.png

Stand 2.png


While it’s an awesome way for everyone to connect, share updates, and collaborate, it is imperative to remain mindful of the standup’s goals. A lot of people confuse it with ‘daily reporting’. However, a standup is more about personal accountability than anything else.

It shows you your current efficiency level, helps you refocus, and navigate your short-term goals better.

Here at Alt, standup sessions have proven to be a great way of keeping things quick-paced and relevant. In fact, standups form our daily planning cadence. We have seen team members get together on projects where they can help each other, brainstorm, and share learnings.

This simple yet effective exercise helps reconvene our personal and team goals, and start the day all jazzed up.

What does your team do to jumpstart the day? Let us know in the comments!