All humans on the planet must have peace.

Ask people who are still working for peace despite many sacrifices what peace means to them. Everyone has the right to peacefully coexist. While some people are born with it, others have to work hard to get it. Human behaviour in such area might reflect the attractiveness of the calm environment.

Humans benefit from tranquilly on the inside as well as the exterior. War has a detrimental effect on human lives and violates their rights when compared to peace. Therefore, those in charge of law and order should never stop discouraging behaviours that lead to global instability and distortion.

The United Nations has started a mission to handle any tensions and get rid of the things endangering the peaceful environment in order to maintain the world at peace. Many different groups, institutions, and people from all around the world contribute peacekeepers to UN missions. They are responsible for resolving disputes by negotiation or use of force.

All United Nations peacekeepers will be honoured on May 29th on a special day. The purpose of this day is to honour participants while also educating the public about the importance of peace. Commemorative ceremonies must be held to remember the UN initiative to honour peacekeepers for their contributions.

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