Courage is needed to fight on the front lines of medicine.

If you save one life, you are a hero; if you save many lives, you are a nurse. They disregard their responsibilities to their family and just show up when needed. The work of a nurse is not as easy as it would seem. Due to modifications in their patients' medical situations, they are still under stress. Even a small error might kill the patient. Seeing patients who have been harmed, undergone surgery, or passed away is challenging. In contrast, nurses give their all to save patients' lives when they are in danger; the rest is up to God.

Several historical details highlight the sacrifices made by frontline medical workers. They also contract severe illnesses and die as a result. In addition to killing millions of people worldwide, the recent COVID-19 epidemic also claimed many medical professionals, including nurses and doctors. We must recognise the commitment and expertise of medical professionals who put the lives of those afflicted before their own.

According to WHO, the coronavirus caused over 100,000 deaths during and after the Pandemic's peak, affecting over 500,000 nurses and medical professionals. Even with little resources and vaccines, if they do not treat, the number of fatalities may rise.

To recognise and honour the sacrifices and professional labour of nurses, we must step forward. You must keep in mind that they are handling one of the most delicate parts of saving lives, where every second counts. Honor International Nurses Day by encouraging and appreciating them to pursue their love for saving lives because they have no interest in curing machines or other manufactured objects. Everyone in this sector aspires to have the virtue of nursing as their daily goal. Nursing is more than just a profession.

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