The following are the Top 5 Natural Resources:

Air: For all plants, animals, and humans to exist on our world, the air they breathe must be clean. Therefore, action must be taken to lower air pollution.

Water: Only 2% of the water on Earth, which covers 70% of the planet, is freshwater. It is important to take steps to educate the public and control water use.

Soil: Different particles and nutrients make up soil. It promotes plant growth.

Silica is a mineral that contains iron, which is used to make powerful weapons, vehicles, and construction materials.

Forests: Forests maintain the world's ecology and offer clean air. Trees are cut down for housing and building projects.

What essential natural resources are there?

The distribution of the most valuable natural resources in the globe. Mineral resources like copper, gold, and diamonds, energy resources like gas, oil, and uranium, as well as agricultural and logging land, are examples of additional resources.

What purposes do natural resources serve?

Minerals, wood products, water, and soil are a few examples of the natural resources that people use to make things and generate energy. Certain natural resources can be duplicated in a few years or decades. These resources are referred to as renewable.

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