Curious about CS & Disruptive Tech. Passionate about Entrepreneurship. Ted-Talk Fanatic.

Ayushi Sinha is an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School and invests in early-stage startups at Bain Capital Ventures & Contrary Capital as a Scout. Previously, she worked as a Product Manager at Nines, building ML for radiology, and as a Software Engineer & PM at Microsoft. She graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Science from the Princeton University, where she co-founded Princeton’s first student-led VC, Prospect Student Ventures, to invest in student founders and teach core concepts of venture capital, and the startup WellPower, a vertically integrated Uber for water filtration and distribution in East Africa. In her free time, she makes one friend at a week at and designs South Asian-inspired athleisure at Yustha Yoga

Some improbable facts ...

  1. Co-authored an 80-page white paper on psychedelics and developed a virtual shaman for microdosing psilocybin (even though I’ve never consumed any before)
  2. Illegally smuggled zebra mussels (invasive species) across state borders for scientific research in high school
  3. Designed and purchased 500 leggings for my South Asian-inspired athleisure company while on the Q line of the NY subway
  4. Made one new friend a week in the midst of the otherwise isolating COVID-19 pandemic, and started a newsletter of my interviews
  5. Convinced my parents to help my sister, class president of her all girls school, throw an unsactioned “rogue” prom
  6. Publically dissected my failed projects on medium & linkedin
  7. Pushed a broken-down Landcruiser through the Kenyan savannah to reach the site of my company’s solar-powered water filtration system at 4am on New Year’s Day