Runnin' Down a Dream: How to Succeed and Thrive in a Career You Love

Original Upload Date: 09.14.2018

Context: Bill Gurley is a General Partner at Benchmark, one of the best venture capital firms in the world. In September of 2018, Bill returned back to the University of Texas McCombs School of Business to present a powerful speech around how people should think about their career journey.

This is my transcript and notes from Bill Gurley's speech. Everything is from the perspective of Bill Gurley.

Last updated: 07.30.2020

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Table of Contents

[2:50] Intro

Believe it or not, I've been thinking about giving this particular presentation for about a decade. I was inspired after studying the stories of three people that you might call luminaries...I noticed an overlap pattern amongst them.

What is a dream job?

It means chasing a career where you just have immense passion.

Kevin Harvey: "Life is a use it or lost it proposition"

Most people only take one career path, but if you've got one shot — why not do what makes you happy?