Big Wind

Big Wind is based on the movement of branches and leaves of trees on a windy day. The trees are beaten and battered by strong winds, causing them to teeter and tremble. The work seeks to recreate this chaotic scene. High-speed motors oscillate wooden sticks connected by pivots akin to a chaotic pendulum, while little cameras attached to them serve to capture this frenzied motion, in hopes of describing movement from the perspective of the work itself rather than from the viewer. Big Wind (2021) is a reprise of the kinetic installation of the same name, Big Wind (2017).

Analog CCD pinhole cameras, TFT-LED colour monitors, DC motors, wooden sticks, acrylic discs, nails

90 (L) x 90 (H) x 10 (W) cm


<aside> 👀 This work was made for a group exhibition titled ON/OFF/SCREEN as part of Singapore Art Week 2021. View the exhibition website here.